5th International LNG Congress

St. Julian’s, Malta

April 29-30, 2019

‘LNG is becoming an increasingly important fuel for foreseeable future. Last year Malta introduced LNG as a solution and it resulted in large reduction in omissions and economic benefit to the country’ – said Joe Mizzi, Minister for Energy and Water Management of Malta, who will open the Congress. He also reminded that ‘EU member states are also mandated to set up LNG port infrastructure under the 2040 alternative fuels infrastructure directory’.

Being held on Malta, the Congress brings together companies from different countries to share experience, find new partners and discuss updated regulations. It also has the Delimara LNG Terminal visitation as a technical part.

The format of the Congress is closed-door, which means only selected decision-makers were registered.

The 5th International LNG Congress is hosted by BGS Group.

Request more information: https://goo.gl/AK2Wmo

Contacts email: Julia.a@bgs-group.eu




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  1. Marco, muchas gracias por su cortes’ia. ¡Ánimo! buen fin de semana. Por aquí, isted sabe, mal que bien, aunque sin expectativas promisorias a plazo alguno, al menos podemos satisfacer, dentro de las precariedades ya conocidas, algunas de las necesidades fundamentales. Saludos cordiales. Atentamente, Isaías ¡Suerte y éxito en todo! Abrazos

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